Friday, January 15, 2010

K12 Online Conference: Web 2.0 Culture

As I revisit the K12 Online Conference this week, I do so slightly more optimistically. Although my school has serious budgetary issues, some that effect technology, I have become more hopeful that I can integrate some innovative features into my classroom that has one functional, albeit slow, computer and an LCD projector.

The topic that I chose to investigate this time is from the 2009 conference and was on Building a Web 2.0 Culture. Beginning points identified the democratization of information, the power of collaboration, and personal nature of the Web 2.0 environment as significant challenges to a traditional school and a traditional approach to education. It went on to identify that a Web 2.0 Culture is one that is rooted in a professional culture of trust, respect, and responsibility. The rest of the presentation provided examples of how these things can be fostered and integrated into classrooms to empower students to be successful in a Web 2.0 culture.

While I find most of these things energizing and encouraging, the reality of some classrooms (and students) is that these ideals are very difficult to attain. Difficult is not impossible, though, and one of the constant challenges of teaching is staying current and trying new things in order to reach students more appropriately and effectively. So, I'm game. I've even applied to a donor website to obtain some supplies for my classroom. We'll see if my application is approved and my materials are funded!

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  1. I also listened to this webcast and had similar thoughts. His thoughts are encouraging and revolutionary but how easily implemented (especially the trust part)? I see some educators having difficulty with the ability to trust the students and the process so much that they would relinquish control.